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The new instance of the label’s series delivers 4 dance tracks from every corner of the wide club spectrum, each with its driving force.

The first track comes from Mystery Affair who has teamed up with Leonor for Get Fckd, an hypnotic bassline, swinged spaced elements, and vocals which make this song an never ending trance. For the second installment, the mysterious duo from Miami called Legs Benedict delivers a mushroom indie anthem called ‘Pele Mele’ great for a mindfulness dance. Straight from Europe, the mastermind Franz Scala hands over an italo disco dreamy force for the comp the way only he can do it. Last but not least Peters & Pujol debut on the label induce us through middle eastern elements and invite us to indulge into a never ending ritual which rounds up nicely this third volume for the dancefloor


Release Date

March 17, 2023